Thursday, August 9, 2018


When the King Comics Flash Gordon series ended in December 1967 with issue #11, the title was taken up by an unlikely source over 10 years later. Western Publishing Co. used Gold Key and Whitman for its comic book imprints, and in September 1978 the cover of Gold Key's FLASH GORDON #19 announced "Flash Is Back!". With painted covers by an unknown artist, the contents looked as if it were the natural progression of the King Features series, right down to the decorative titles. A Whitman version was concurrently published, which was used for a different distribution stream.

Gold Key's Flash became Whitman's Flash in March 1980 with issue #28. Issue #34 had the last painted cover and the title itself lasted until #37 with a March 1982 cover date.

It seems that at least two more issues were in the works when Flash folded. One of the stories for the planned issue #39 recently came up for auction. It is superbly drawn by Al McWilliams, who is definitely channeling Alex Raymond here. The artwork image size is 10.25" x 15". McWilliams also contributed work to Warren's horror comics line.

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