Special Notices


When surfing on this site, some images may not appear on older posts. Try using the "refresh" button on your browser.

03/30/2024 - The Monster Shoppe page has been updated with the latest news.
03/08/2024 - WOM nominated for Best Website in the 2023 Rondo Awards. My article, "The Lost World: Cinema's First Great Dinosaur Movie" nominated for Best Article.

01/02/2024 - Trying out a larger sized font for text on posts for easier reading.

11/28/2023 - Sorry, monster lovers, but I've had a number of writing assignments as of late. As a result, I haven't been able to prepare for the unveiling of The Monster Shoppe. Hope to have it up and running sometime next year. Stay tuned!

10/05/2023 - A note about links: Some post links are dead, especially videos that have been posted from YouTube. Reasons vary from the image/video removed from the original site because of ownership issues, the site has moved or the site has shut down.

10/01/2023 - The Monster Shoppe remains under construction. Before it opens it will be moved to another site.

08/06/2023 - Activity at the Monster Shop page has resumed. Adding more merchandise and pricing. Ordering is planned to start soon.

03/04/2023 - Some YouTube links on posts have been broken. Try searching on their site for an updated version.

12/26/2022 - Site maintenance completed.

12/02/2022 - World of Monsters is currently undergoing site maintenance and updates. It will not affect your blogging experience.