Friday, July 3, 2020


"Self-isolating doesn't have to be the worst!"
Abyss RealDolls

Right out of THE STEPFORD WIVES comes this story about the burgeoning business of -- wait for it -- sex dolls. And ladies, before you cry, "Misogyny!", sales of male sex dolls have been rather brisk, as well.

It seems that stay-at-home orders are creating an uptick in the Chinese-made silicone home companions, and one company, Abyss, who markets the RealDolls line, wants to assure potential buyers that the items are COVID-19-free and naturally antibacterial.

Sex dolls have been available for a number of years and are noted for their remarkable physical accuracy. Newer models even have the ability of movement and speech. Of course, the price goes up accordingly. One thing is for sure -- these curves are not made to be flattened!

‘Naturally antibacterial’: Sex doll companies trying to cash in on coronavirus
By Adam Schrader | March 21, 2020 | 11:41pm |

Sex doll companies have an important public service message: Self-isolating can be fun and safe at the same time.

Abyss, the maker of sex robots RealDolls, assured potential buyers that its dolls are free of COVID-19 in an Instagram post.

“Self-isolating doesn’t have to be the worst! All RealDolls are made from Platinum Grade Silicone and are naturally antibacterial and nonporous! Want one?” the company’s caption reads.

An online publication that reviews sex dolls also offered a blog post trying to combat myths regarding sex dolls and the coronavirus.

“Sex doll industries have been greatly affected as most of these products were made and delivered from China,” according to the post at

“But to break the existing perception toward China-made sex dolls, is there really a high-risk of product-to-human viral transmission? One firm answer: No!” the post continues. “There is no medical proof that upholds this claim. Sex dolls assembled or imported from China have no harm to the people.”

Sex doll maker Silicon Wives has also tried capitalizing on the pandemic, with a giveaway contest for free sex dolls “to help with the coronavirus quarantine,” according to its website.

“Are you stuck inside with nothing to do for the Corona virus [sic] quarantine? We’re giving away free sex dolls to ease your ‘social distancing,’” the website reads.

Municipal and state governments across the country have started creating and enforcing strict rules to keep residents inside in order to “flatten the curve” and slow the spread of the pandemic — which has now infected more than 300,000 people globally.

In September, The Post reported that sales of male sex dolls were already on the rise.


Wednesday, July 1, 2020


Vol. 1 No. 2
August? 1973
Marvel Comics Group
Publisher: Stan Lee
Editor: Roy Thomas
Cover: Jordi Penalva
Pages: 72

With scripts by Marv Wolfman, Steve Gerber, Roy Thomas and Tony Isabella and art by Neal Adams, Gene Colan, Dick Giordano and Jim Starlin, this second issue of DRACULA LIVES! hits the coffin running. Included is a story by Joe Sinnott (who passed away just last week) -- a creepy little bit of work reprinted from Marvel's STRANGE TALES #9 (August 1952). No text article in this issue, but Chris Claremont offers up a short story.