Monday, February 28, 2022


Santo vs . . . a lampshade? Yep, you read it right. The famous Mexican wrestler turned monster hunter battled a demonic lampshade that was mysteriously delivered to him in PROFANADORES DE TUMBAS (1965), aka GRAVE ROBBERS.

There's lots more to read about Mexi-Monsters in this special 2020 edition of the MEXICAN FILM BULLETIN.

Sunday, February 27, 2022


In light of recent events, I'm posting another educational publication from the early 1940's that shows how to protect yourself from air raids. Now, these days the delivery of air-deployed payloads is a lot more devastating, and these techniques would only go so far. Still, it's a fascinating look back on preparedness for a worldwide conflict. This pamphlet by Jolaine Publications, Inc., "How You Can Defend Your Home", was edited by none other than Max Gaines, who went on to create the EC horror comics line.

The future is always uncertain, and this time around the results of escalating aggression could lead to an apocalyptic event that we have been warned about for many years.