Tuesday, March 21, 2023


Vol. 1 No.2
February 1971
Skywald Publishing Corporation
Publisher: Sol Brodsky and Israel Waldman
Editor: Sol Brodsky
Associate Editor: Herschel Waldman
Cover: Boris Vallejo
Pages: 68
Cover price: 50 cents

Still rough around the edges with Avon reprints and re-drawn panels, the second issue of Skywald's NIGHTMARE still has some good stories, even a few new ones. There's little here to tell, however, of the uniqueness to come. Includes a great pinup of The Creature From the Black Lagoon by Bill Everett.

"Children of the Cold Gods!" (new story)
Script: Ross Andru; Mike Esposito
Art: Ross Andru; Mike Esposito
Letters: Irv Wantanabe

"The Phantom of Phillip Hawks" (reprint from Diary of Horror #1 (December 1952) [with modifications and re-lettered])
Script: ?
Art: Alvin Hollingsworth; Mike Esposito 

"The Mirror of Death" (reprint from Diary of Horror #1 (December 1952) [with modifications and re-lettered])
Script: ?
Art: Mike Esposito

"The Circle of Circe!" (new story)
Script: Gardner Fox
Art: Syd Shores; Mike Esposito
Letters: Irv Watanabe

"Nightmare Pin-Up #2" by Bill Everett (new)

"Time Stop" by Art Stampler (text story)

"Blood for the Vampire" (reprint from Eerie #7, June-July 1952)
Script: ?
Art: ? Norman Nodel; Mike Esposito
Letters: Jean Simek

"The Massacre of Mankind!" (reprint from Robotmen of the Lost Planet #1 (1952) [with modifications and re-lettered]
Script: Walter Gibson
Art: Gene Fawcette; Bill Everett
Letters: Jean Simek

"Pressed For Time" (new story)
Script: Marv Wolfman
Art: Dan Adkins
Letters: Irv Watanabe

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