Thursday, May 13, 2021


Shown today is a pressbook for The Phantom Monster Show, a double theater bill featuring SON OF FRANKENSTEIN and BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN. This was promotional copy for a reissue of the two movies in 1948. A listing on eBay carries a "Buy it Now" price tag of $199.50.

Tuesday, May 11, 2021


What Monster Kid can forget those wonderful Don Post monster masks that were for sale from the abundant ad pages of Warren's FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND in the 1960's? Wildly popular and iconic in Monster Craze culture, they are one of the most revered items from that era. Post landed a contract with Universal Studios to develop and manufacture likenesses from their rogue's gallery of famous monsters.

Don Post mask ad from FAMOUS MONSTERS.

In 1998, Don Post Studios re-issued them. Even these later editions command prices in the hundreds of dollars for any collector willing to spring for one. Shown here are examples from the line of re-issues.

Saturday, May 8, 2021


Richard Klemensen has devoted himself to the world of British horror films for decades. His love for the genre is nowhere more evident than in his long-running magazine, LITTLE SHOPPE OF HORRORS. Over the years, he has cultivated a list of contributors that are world-renown for their critical and scholarly treatment of all things Hammer and other UK terror cinema. In addition, he has a group of artists that depict each issue's theme with outstanding renditions.

Now available to order is issue #46, with the lead feature on the making of Hammer's DRACULA (HORROR OF DRACULA in the USA) by Bruce Hallenbeck. Along with FRANKENSTEIN (aka CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN), these two films launched a new era in the history of horror.

I encourage readers of WOM who are interested in British Horror and horror history in general to order a copy from the flyer or website (see below). Help keep independent print publishers going!

In addition, a new biography of famed Hammer director Terence Fisher is being released by Fab Press in a signed and limited hardbound edition HERE.

Inside front cover by Bruce Timm.

Back Cover by Neil D. Volkes

Inside back cover by Mike Schneider.

Ad flyer page one.

Ad flyer order blank.

Friday, May 7, 2021


Shown here today is a nifty little fanzine from the UK. Specializing in vintage sci-fi films, it contains a variety of interesting pieces on Roger Corman, THIS ISLAND EARTH, and more. Especially interesting are an index of science-fiction movies of the 1950's and a list of movies with the theme of Mars invading Earth. A nice effort!