Tuesday, July 17, 2018


Getting closer to their 200th issue, the folks at Ghoulish Publishing just keep cranking out quality monster goodness. At the moment, THE DARK SIDE is my favorite monster 'zine, unseating FANGORIA when it ceased publishing.

This issue of The Dark Side is a ripping read, literally, since it concentrates on screen depictions of the grisly exploits of Jack the Ripper, beginning with the silent era and moving right through to such movies as Time After Time. We also celebrate the 40 year anniversary of George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead, look at the art of Les Edwards and Tobe Hooper’s magnificent misfire of a space vampire epic, Lifeforce. All that and so much more await you in issue 193 of Britain’s best-selling and longest running horror mag!

- Gene Corman (Roger's brother)
- Son of Mini Darkfest
- Post Mortem
- No More Room in Hell
- Ripping Yarns: The Whitechapel Slasher
- DVD Library
- Trials of Toxie
- Space Vampires
- The Art of Horror
... and more!

Click HERE for info.

Monday, July 16, 2018


This just in...

Mad Scientist #33 is back from the printer and ready to ship! Just check out this spectacular wraparound cover by John Rozum. It's a cut paper collage with multiple 3D layers features the cast and creatures of the classic Willis O'Brien film, The Lost World!

This issue is the first theme issue in almost 20 years of the magazine. Every article in the issue covers dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals in films, books, and more, spanning from the 1920s to the 1970s!


  • A full-color, cut paper collage wraparound cover by John Rozum
  • I Bid You Welcome... (Editorial)
  • The Lost World (1925)!
  • Prehistoric Big Little Book!
  • Prehistoric monsters at the North and South Poles!
  • Hammer Sequels That Time Forgot!
  • When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth!
  • Dinosaur Viewmasters!
  • Monster Profile: Rhedosaurus!

Plus more!

Order your copy HERE.

And while you're at it, why not pick up a back issue or two, including issue #30 that has my retrospective of Eddie Cahn's 50s fearjerker, THE FOUR SKULLS OF JONATHAN DRAKE!

Saturday, July 14, 2018


Vol. 1 No. 25
Editor & Publisher: Mark Frank
Associate Editor: Jim Wnoroski
Consulting Editor: Ronald V. Borst
Art Editor: Bill Nelson
Cover artist: Bill Nelson
Pages: 48
Cover price: $1.50

This issue proves why Mark Frank's PHOTON was such a great indie 'zine. Dense with text and material (some that was covered by the commercial mags, but not nearly as well) both from new and vintage films, PHOTON was a respected publication among serious monster fans. The headliner is the article on THE EXORCIST, the hottest horror film at the time. Film historian and stills collector Ronald V. Borst and David McDowell offer their differing opinions. Frank Dello Stritto contributes a retrospective of one of the creepiest monster movies of the 1930s, ISLAND OF LOST SOULS. Included are interviews with "Monster Hunters" John Agar, Richard Carlson and Jeff Morrow, and coverage of one of my favorite fantasy films (and Harryhausen films), THE GOLDEN VOYAGE OF SINBAD. Artists Bill Nelson, Dave Ludwig and Dave Carlson embellish the issue with their illustration talent.


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