Saturday, September 30, 2023


We're familiar with haunted house movies like THE HAUNTING, HELL HOUSE and HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL. There are also a multitude of other, "real life" haunted houses, such as the one in Amityville on Long Island. While not necessarily haunted in the true sense of the word, the infamous Winchester House still defies all logic and the story behind it remains a mystery.

In the 1880's, when Sarah Winchester's daughter died, followed by her husband (the son of Oliver, the owner of Winchester Repeating Arms), she was devastated. She soon packed her bags and headed to California to start a new life. She bought an 8-room farmhouse outside of San Jose and made plans to renovate it.

Then, something strange happened. At the rate of $1,000 a day (she was left with millions), she had her crew build a maze of corridors and rooms, including doors that opened into walls. As the work continued, Sarah claimed she was guided by "spirits" and maintained her nearly complete isolation in the house. When she died, the mystery of "why?" still remained and does until this day.

This article, from TRUE WEST (May-June 1963) explains the bizarre story.

Here is a LINK to the official Winchester House website.

Friday, September 29, 2023


A sometimes overlooked author of fantasy, horror and the supernatural is Carl Jacobi ((10 July 1908 – 25 August 1997). He wrote many stories, mostly for the pulps and was a frequent contributor to WEIRD TALES. His best known collection of weird stories is "Revelations in Black", first published in 1947. This tale is from Hugo Gernsback's WONDER STORIES ("The Magazine of Prophetic Fiction"), November 1933.