Thursday, June 22, 2017


No number (One-shot)
1982 (No month given)
Publisher: World International Publishing Limited
Editor: None listed (Dez Skinn?)
Cover: Uncredited
Pages: 64

This one-shot "annual" was published in the UK in 1982 and the 64 A4-sized pages contains short fiction and comic strip adaptations of Hammer Films. The fiction is average, and much better than the filler text stories found in American comic books. No artist credit is given for the illustrations that are found throughout, although the name "John Hayes" appears on a tombstone in one of them. There are two, one-page "true weird" text features: "Vampire Lore" and "Macabre Miscellany". The inclusion of a two-page spread featuring a dice-throwing "board game" confirms that the magazine was intended for a young audience.

The "Horror of Dracula" 3-part adaptation comes from the 1976 UK magazine, HOUSE OF HAMMER #1. The story is written by Chris Lowder (a.k.a Jack Adrian) and drawn by Paul Neary. In this version the splash page seen in HoH is omitted. The "Twins of Evil" adaption is scripted by Lowder and drawn by Blas Gallego and was first published in HoH #7. It is also missing the splash page found in the original. Both strips are printed in a combination of black and white and color pages that, just like the magazine as a whole, make a curious mix.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Vol. 1, No. 7
1975 (No month given)
Publisher: Dallruth Publishing Group
Editor: Gent Shaw
Pages: 66
Cover: Photo

WORLD OF HORROR is a bit of a mystery in the world of monster magazines. It spent itself in a year's time and left behind 9 rather middling examples of 1970s monster magazine goodness (erroneously indicated as 1972 in numerous examples around the web, but the 'zine was published during 1974/75). WOH was printed in London by Dallruth Publishing Group (also erroneously indicated as "Dalruth" in many sources), who during the same period published an occult magazine, NEW WITCHCRAFT, which contained, much like Gerald Page's COVEN 13/WITCHCRAFT & SORCERY, mostly fiction stories. An interesting amalgam of articles with a couple of short stories thrown in for good measure.


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