Sunday, September 30, 2018


Helloooo 'dere, you'se monster critters! This here's a new feature called CLASSIC CUTS! Each post will feature vintage, tender morsels of monster goodness from our favorite monster magazines of days gone by.

To celebrate the 200th anniversary of Mary Shelley's creation of FRANKENSTEIN, today is presented "The Frankenstein Story", ripped from the pages of none other than the very first issue of the very first monster mag, FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND, which appeared on newsstands 60 years ago! 

Saturday, September 29, 2018


Daughter of famed Giallo/horror filmmaker, Dario, Asia Argento has hit the news in a big way of late, coming under fire for besmirching the #MeToo movement with allegations of her own. No stranger to controversy, she was also Anthony Bourdain's main squeeze when he decided that life sucked and off'd himself.

Miss Argento, married, divorced, and with two children continues to foster her bad girl image by not taking any sh*t from anybody, including lashing out at venerable French actress Catherine Deneuve for her criticism of the movement that Argento is so closely associated with.

In the meantime, Asia, always the charming Italian sophisticate, never passes up an opportunity to emphasize her point.

Friday, September 28, 2018


Vol. 1 No. 5
July 1975
Marvel Comics Group
Editor: Len Wein
Cover: Gil Kane, Tom Palmer
Pages: 68
Cover price: 50 cents

This is the last issue of the GIANT-SIZE WEREWOLF series, presented again without commercial ads.

"The Plunder of Paingloss"
Story: Doug Moench
Pencils: Yong Montano
Inks: Yong Montano
Letters: Marcos Pelayo

"The Most Miserable Man in the World!"
Story: ?
Art: Carl Hubbell?
Reprinted from: Mystic #16 (January 1953)

"He's Coming to Get Me!"
Story: ?
Art: Ted Galindo
Reprinted from: World of Fantasy #11 (April 1958)

"The Unsolid Man"
Story: Carl Wessler
Art: Joe Orlando
Reprinted from: Worlds of Fantasy #13 (August 1958)