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Vol. 1 No. 2
April 1959
Magnum Publications
Publisher: Irwin Stein
Editor: L.T. Shaw
Managing Editor: M.J. Shapiro
Editorial Associate: Helen Skalet
Art Director: Howard Winters
Your Ghostly Host: Dr. Headstone
Cover art: ?
Pages: 54
Cover price: 25 cents


  • Bela Lugosi as the Original Dracula (missing from this scan)
  • Dr. Headstone Calling · Dr. Headstone · ed
  • Horror-Beasts Dine Tonight! · Robert J. Cassiday
  • The Story of Frankenstein · Marie Oliveri
  • You Can’t Cheat Death’s Demon · David Challon
  • The Undertaker’s Sideline · Richard F. Watson
  • Monster from Green Hell · Anon.
  • Low Priestess of Hell · Daneth MacAbee
  • Monsters and Things Pin-Ups
  • Curse of the Living Crossbones (comic book reprint)
  • Rodan · Anon.
  • Famous Monster Mysteries No. 1 (comic book reprint)

Hot on the heels of MONSTER PARADE, publisher Irwin Stein released another monster mag, MONSTERS AND THINGS. It lasted for only two issues. The issue shown today (#2) was published in April 1959, succeeding its partner mag by one month.

Magnum Publications were very much like many other magazines on the newsstands at the time and were slanted towards a mature male audience that contained just enough salaciousness to attract them.

There have been countless references indicating that these two titles were in competition with Warren's FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND, and I even mentioned that in a post earlier this week. But after studying their content, they look more like publisher Stein took the idea of FM (that was obviously aimed at kids) and packaged it with the idea of capturing an older audience. Just look at some of the story titles and the accompanying illustrations and the ads for sex books and handguns in the back pages and you'll see what I mean.

This issue, presided over by host Dr. Headstone, continues on with the style of the rest of the Magnum issues; text-heavy with short stories, pre-code horror comic book reprints, full-page monster pin-ups and a couple of monster movie reviews. Editor Larry T. Shaw had been at the helm of the pulp digest, INFINITY SCIENCE FICTION and put together a serviceable content. Stein went on to be co-founder of the legendary purple-dyed page edge line of paperbacks, Lancer Books.

The idea just didn't catch on and what you see here today is the last gasp of the attempted Magnum monster empire.

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