Wednesday, October 30, 2019


The latest generation of makeup artists are more imaginative and creative than ever. Aside from monster, fantasy (including Cosplay) and sci-fi makeup and costuming, gothic styling is extremely popular. It incorporates all of the aforementioned, including steampunk and other genres. The availability of a wide selection of materials allows the makeup artist more freedom than ever to create whatever is in their mind's eye.

Gothic style, and in the case here today, Gothic Horror is showcased in MY ALTERNATIVE magazine (October 2018). A photo/fashion magazine that focuses on glamour and fantasy subjects, this issue offers a wide array of Halloween-inspired models, from Mexico's Day of the Dead, Slasher/Splatterpunk, Satanic/Occult, to the just plain witchy.

It just goes to show you that Halloween makeup and costumes have come a long way since Ben Cooper and Collegeville costumes and Topstone masks!