Who Am I?

Portrait of the Blogger as a Monster Kid.
GREETINGS, MONSTER LOVERS! My name is John and this is my Blob . . . er, BlogSpot called WORLD OF MONSTERS (I used to call it MONSTER MAGAZINE WORLD, but there's a lot more going on here than just monster mags as you can see). Just like you, I love monster magazines, monster movies, and all kinds of other stuff related to monsters, horror, science fiction, fantasy, sword & sorcery and even crime. This blog features all kinds of monster goodies, including monster movie magazines, monster toys, monster trading cards, monster models, monster books, monster comics. . . well, you get the picture. The tomb's the limit, you might say.

I have been reading about, watching, studying, collecting, and most of all, enjoying monster stuff for a lot of years now. I'm what people generally refer to as a "Monster Kid", so you can probably guess what era of the space/time continuum I'm from. Sometimes, people even say that I'm from Mars, but they really don't know what they're talking about -- I'm really from Pluto!

Open Channel "M" for Monsters!

And just to let you know that I don't sit around all day blogging (although sometimes it seems like that!), here are some of my other writing credits:
  • Black Infinity #10 - "The Famous Monsters Story: How a Movie Monster Magazine Became A Pop Culture Phenomenon".
  • Castle of Frankenstein #39 (Spring 2024) - "He Filmed Frankenstein: The Cinematography of Arthur Edeson".
  • Dead Reckonings #6 (Fall 2009) - "Of Fishmen and Lovecraftian Place-Names".
  • Famous Monsters of Filmland - Memories of Famous Monsters.
  • Fate - "What Fate Means to Me".
  • G-Fan #96 (Summer 2011) - Famous Monsters #251 "Colossal Kaiju Invasion" review.
  • Lovecraft Annual,The #3 (2009) - "Lovecraft and the Polar Myth".
  • Mad Scientist #30 - "Curse of the Shrunken Heads! The Four Skulls of Jonathan Drake".
  • Men's Adventure Magazines Blog - "When Shrunken Heads Were Big" (guest post) .
  • Monsters From the Vault - "Vincent Price and the Voice of Terror".
  • Nightmare Abbey #4 - "Fear in Four Colors: The Hideous History of American Horror Comics, Part 1, Precursors and Premonitions".
  • Nightmare Abbey #5 - "Fear in Four Colors: The Hideous History of American Horror Comics, Part 2, "The Pre-Code Plague".
  • Prehistoric Times #147 - "The Lost World: Cinema's First Great Dinosaur Movie" (nominated for a Rondo Award for 2023).
  • Scary Monsters #127 - "The Monster in Dressing Room No. 5" (nominated for a Rondo Award for 2022).
  • Warren Companion, The (TwoMorrows, 2001. Out-of-print).
  • We Belong Dead #12 - "Jack P. Pierce: Making the World's Most Famous Monsters".
Well, the sun's coming up now and I gotta go. In the meantime, enjoy WORLD OF MONSTERS. I've had a lot of fun with it for over 13 years so far. And, please leave a comment when you feel so inclined -- I won't bite. I’d appreciate it also if you’d consider becoming a follower of this blog. That way it lets me know there are more monster kids, both young and old, that take time to stop here and have a look.

Your Fiendly Monsterologist,