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NOTE: As the host of MONSTER MAGAZINE WORLD I have had the pleasure of reading J. Douglas Kenyon's ATLANTIS RISING magazine for many years. Through my occasional supplemental posts like "Weird, Weird World" and "Abnormal Brain", you have probably guessed that my interests include topics like ancient archaeology, UFO's, strange science, and the paranormal. 

Now, like many other print magazines, AR is in financial trouble. If you are unfamiliar with this publication and have even the remotest interest in the subjects mentioned above, I urge you to consider subscribing to this eye-opening and provocative magazine.

If you're not quite convinced, take a moment and visit the website provided by the links below and take a look at some of the free samples, then decide for yourself. It'll only cost you the price of a $1 cup of coffee at MacDonald's for one month. With the caffeine you'll have missed, I guarantee you'll be charged with the thought-provoking material found in the pages of ATLANTIS RISING.

Thank you and please consider keeping this excellent magazine of alternative thought alive.

Dear Friend of Atlantis Rising

In a few days we will be sending our 133rd issue to the printer, and in a few more days we will notify you that the new PDF is ready for you to inspect and download. For over 24 years this has been our unfailing practice, and we think you will agree that, over that time, we have successfully provided you, and others like you, with something very special—unavailable anywhere else, either in print or on the internet. For the very first time, however, I am writing to you now, in all urgency, to seek a greater measure of your support for this publication, and to let you know, that without it, we might not be able to continue doing what we are doing.

From the beginning we have worked diligently here to maintain the highest standards for your ‘magazine of record’ for ancient mysteries, unexplained anomalies, and future science. As you well know, we have kept the flame for many time-honored subjects that are ignored, or forgotten, if not ridiculed, in other places. And, we have done so in a way that, we’ve been assured, is not only informative, but delightful and entertaining as well. This outcome has not been achieved, however, without great expense and sacrifice by those of us who produce Atlantis Rising. Printing, alone, costs over $13,000 per issue. Postage and shipping another few thousand. Don’t even ask about overhead or payroll. To paraphrase the late Senator Everett Dirkson’s comment about billions of federal budget dollars, ‘a few thousand here and a few thousand there, and pretty soon you are talking real money.’

Nonetheless, through all of this, we have faithfully served a small, yet very important, group of people, like you, who still care deeply about these important stories and issues. In the process, we have often found ourselves swimming upstream without benefit of the kind of viral popularity that has brought overnight wealth and success to some. Here’s the point. We are now at the stage where our ability to fight on is being challenged as never before, and so, we must seek a little more help from our friends. This is where you come in. To preserve Atlantis Rising as the shining beacon it has become, I am making an unprecedented personal appeal directly to you.

Here is the best way you can help:

• If you haven’t done so already, PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO ATLANTIS RISING. Not only will you save money off  the newsstand price, but you will really help us a lot. We are grateful for your purchases from stores (both ours and others) and hope you will see your way clear to increasing your shopping with us, but to sustain this magazine, we need your subscription. Be aware that paper-and-ink subscribers also receive an equivalent digital subscription FREE. If you prefer, you can subscribe to our digital edition alone. If you are already a subscriber, please consider sending a gift subscription to a friend (remember, you can send two for the price of one). WHATEVER YOU DO, SUBSCRIBE!
For Paper-and-Ink: CLICK HERE.
For Digital Downloads:

• Don’t forget to tell your friends about Atlantis Rising.

Do it any way you like—social media, phone calls, emails, postal mail, word of mouth, whatever. It is all welcome. Just don’t fail to mention the latest article that impressed you, and to tell your fiends where they can find it. LIKE us on Facebook and SHARE our page with your friends.

• Also, whatever higher dimensional authority you believe in, please make Atlantis Rising Magazine a subject for your prayers.
Thanks very much for your kind attention to our concerns. With your help, we very much look forward to continuing to publish Atlantis Rising Magazine for many years to come.
All the Best,
Doug Kenyon
Atlantis Rising Magazine
P.O. Box 441
Livingston, MT 59047


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