Saturday, January 30, 2021


There is an incredible amount of really good artwork celebrating the World of Monsters by a lot of talented painters and illustrators out there. Here are just a scant few, including some awesome re-imagined Universal Monster movie poster art by Mondo.


There also appears to be a never-ending fascination with monsters, especially of the Universal type. This is an announcement about yet another figure to be released by NECA. NECA's Instagram site has issued just a teaser pic, but there are reports that the Frankenfigure will be 7" high -- and the best news -- more figures to follow! Let's hope they're in an affordable price range.

Friday, January 29, 2021


Arguably still the most popular TV Horror Hostess without a show is of course, Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. Here she is in her latest incarnation -- a hood ornament! Overlooking the obvious exploitative nature of the subject (Elvira has never been one to avoid exploitation anyway), this is one incredible statue.

Elvira Grand Jester Studios 1/4 Scale Masterpiece Statue
Suggested retail price: $499.99
Available for pre-order at various online stores, including Monsters in Motion.

From the creative masterminds at Enesco comes Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, in this 1:4 scale premium format statue. Inspired by Elvira's Macabre Mobile hood ornament, Elvira comes to life in this mixed media sculpture. The numbered statue is a limited edition 2,500 worldwide. The Elvira Grand Jester Studios 1:4 Scale Masterpiece Statue is made of Stone Resin, Acrylic, and polyurethane. Measures about 18 1/2-inches long x 17-inches wide x 16-inches tall. Wings are detachable.

Sunday, January 17, 2021


Mary Shelly's legendary novel, "Frankenstein", has infused the genres of horror and science-fiction incalculably since it's publication in 1818. The story has crossed innumerable boundaries in the field of media. Not surprisingly, it is a subject that lends itself perfectly with graphic illustration (see Berni Wrightson's fabulous work), including comic books.

In 1947, Giberton's CLASSICS ILLUSTRATED series included the story of Frankenstein in its 26th issue. It was popular enough to be reprinted many times over. The version shown here today is the 8th printing.
Vol. 1 No. 26
June 1949
Gilberton Company, Inc.
Editor: Ruth A. Roche
Art Director: Jerry Iger
Cover: Robert Hayward Webb; Ann Brewster
Script: Ruth A Roche
Pencils: Robert Hayward Webb
Inks: Ann Brewster
Lettering: Louis Goldklang (R. Louis Golden)
Pages: 52
Cover price: 10 cents?

The renown artist and illustrator, Norman Saunders, painted the cover for an earlier printing of Classics Illustrated's FRANKENSTEIN in 1947. The original, shown here, is rendered in oil on canvas and measures 16" x 22.5". This remarkable piece was auctioned off for $13,145.00 in 2007.