Sunday, July 31, 2011


[From BAFFLING MYSTERIES #17 (Ace, Sept 1953]


In what promises to be the horror DVD scoop of the year, the cinema conservators at THE CRITERION COLLECTION will at long last release Earle C. Kenton's ISLAND OF LOST SOULS (1932) featuring Charles Laughton and Bela Lugosi. The release will come in both standard DVD and the high-quality Blu-ray format with a suggested retail price of $39.95 for Blu-ray (there is a discount if pre-ordered).

This is huge news for those of us who are tired of watching our beat up video tape and our downright lousy gray market versions after all these years. The controversial and downright disturbing ISLAND OF LOST SOULS will be remastered with uncompressed sound in the Blu-ray version. I saw this on a late-night TV spook show not long after I had read FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND #28, which contained the Filmbook of the movie (Part 1, anyway). It is one of the few horror movies that has left an indelible impression on this aged Monster Kid.

As shown below, in the informations supplied at THE CRITERION COLLECTION website, the disc will be loaded with extras, including an odd interview with the founders of the Pop group, Devo, whose "manifesto" was influenced by ISLAND OF LOST SOULS.

While it will be tough to wait it out, the release date is, appropriately enough, during the Halloween season -- October 25. Now, can THE UNINVITED be too far off?


["Loathsome Lore: Ghouls" from CREEPY #3 (June 1963) Note: Where uncredited in Archie Goodwin-edited issues, the "Loathsome Lore" scripts are most likely written by Goodwin or possibly the artist in some cases.]

Saturday, July 30, 2011


[From BAFFLING MYSTERIES #15 (Ace, May 1953]


Watch out, Larry Blamire! Move aside, Guy N. Smith! Hold on, Roger Corman! There's another Kaiju-sized crusteacean taking a pinch out of the butt of the giant monster genre!

Ingeniously presented as a complete "movie within a trailer", KING CRAB ATTACK! is served up like a Blue-Plate Special of International Shock Theatre seafood from the fish-loving folks in France. Making a splash wherever it plays, MONSTER MAGAZINE WORLD has got it netted and thrown into the pot for your viewing pleasure. This version is purported to be the "full-length" trailer which runs a little under 7 minutes. Presented first is the earlier, "teaser" trailer.

Now, sit back, grab a can of suds and a shell-cracker and enjoy today's installment of MONSTER MOVIE WORLD!

Location shooting in the French coastal town of Trouville.

Following a trail of oyster shells.

King Crab sizing up the competition.

Full-size advertisement for the Daily Special.

King Crab Attack! played at this Film Festival.


Friday, July 29, 2011



Positive comments regarding an entry in last week's ANOTHER CREEPY WEEK indicate additional coverage of Roy G. Krenkel's artwork here at MONSTER MAGAZINE WORLD would not be unwelcome. Consequently, I am offering today a look at an article that was included in ILLUSTRATION MAGAZINE Vol. 2 No. 5 (Jan 2003).

To say that Roy G. Krenkel's art is magnificent is an understatement, in my opinion. Few fantasy artists and illustrators of the 20th Century can equal the sheer wonder that issued from his creative genius. Frazetta, Jones, Wrightson, Williamson, Kaluta, Windsor-Smith . . . Krenkel. Hallowed company to be in, to say the very least.

The following is the complete article from the magazine. And, I'm not done yet -- there will be more here on Krenkel's work in the future.

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Scheduled for release on November 30, 2011 are sculpts of Ingrid Pitt as Countess Dracula, Christopher Lee as Dracula, and Peter Cushing as Dr. Van Helsing, all by Titan Merchandise. This busts are highly detailed and priced right at $79.99 each.

The voluptuous Countess Elizabeth Bathory! Based on Ingrid Pitt's signature role in Countess Dracula. Classic "Hammer Horror" films monsters brought to life! This beautifully detailed, 8-inch tall maxi bust lovingly recreates every curve of Polish movie siren Ingrid Pitt's signature role as the immortally voluptuous Countess Elizabeth Bathory from Hammer Films' 1971 epic COUNTESS DRACULA. Restored to eternal beauty by the blood of her slaughtered virgin handmaidens, every element of the Countess's chest-heaving evil splendor is captured in this astonishing sculpt!

Titan Merchandise proudly presents its next item in their limited edition, high-quality Hammer Horror Masterpiece Collection! Fantasy and horror legend Christopher Lee became an international sensation starring as Count Dracula in seven increasingly-horrific vampire classics from Hammer Films. This amazingly-detailed 8-inch maxi-bust painstakingly recreates the savage power of Lee's unrivaled performance, capturing the screen's greatest Lord of the Undead in full pursuit of his prey. Every detail of Dracula's vampiric splendor - from signature ring to jet-black cloak - is captured in this exquisitely-sculpted, intricately-detailed polystone maxi-bust standing 8-inches tall.

Count Dracula's mortal enemy! One of the original vampire hunters:Professor Abraham Van Helsing! Extremely detailed bust features Hammer Films legend Peter Cushing. This amazingly detailed, 8-inch tall maxi bust painstakingly recreates Hammer Films legend Peter Cushing's driven, star-making performance as Count Dracula's fearless pursuer and mortal enemy, Professor Abraham Van Helsing. Every element of Van Helsing's sartorial vampire-hunting precision, from his fur-collared greatcoat to his candelabra-clenching gloves, is captured in this astonishing sculpt.