Thursday, July 7, 2011


Yesterday, I included ILLUSTRATION magazine to the blogroll of MONSTER MAGAZINE WORLD. Today -- believe or not -- I introduce . . . STAG magazine! Whowoodathunkit, huh?

That's right, even the sixties "sweat" mags like STAG would (at least once, anyway) use a monster pic to attract attention. This time it's a part of a kind've STAG version of FAMOUS MONSTERS' Headlines From Horrorsville.

It's not much -- the blurb that belongs to the photo simply says: "THERE'S MONEY TO BE MADE IN SELLING IDEAS FOR NEW, DIFFERENT, MORE HORRIBLE MONSTERS TO TELEVISION PRODUCTION COMPANIES". That it's an item under the heading A Man's Wallet, and that it's a photo from GHOST OF FRANKENSTEIN, a Universal horror flick from 22 years before only makes my mind turn to pretzel-ized mush even more.
STAG Vol, 15 No. 7, July 1964

While you're waiting for your own vertigo to settle, I've also added an extra pic below to go along with yesterday's post. It's an example of the preliminary art that was submitted to Jess Franco's JACK THE RIPPER production (1976) for use as poster art. The art itself was never used, but the artist, Charles Copeland's design was.
Charles Copeland's concept art for Jack the Ripper (1976)

Jack the Ripper (1976) original poster art

So, there. Today STAG, tomorrow . . . who knows?

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