Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Uncle Creepy was characterized by possessing (and I don't use that term lightly) a sardonic and weirdly-whimsical sense of humor. The astute Monsterologist will recognize that it was not unlike The Old Witch's demon, er demeanor from the EC line of horror comics. One could say that Uncle Creepy was a direct descendent, maybe even the old hag's brother, for instance!

Artist Pete Von Sholly (that's his homage to Jack Davis' cover of CREEPY #1 on the DEADTIME STORIES heading title that you see on some nights here at MONSTER MAGAZINE WORLD) also has a bit of the devil in him, as you can see from the two offerings that he shared with Ye Olde Denizen of the Mysterious Mansion.

Of the CREEPY cover, Von Sholly says: "Note that the old witch has two left feet . . . and one right foot!" The "CREAKY" cover image is signed "Frazenkell" and is an obvious nod to the artistic greatness of Frank Frazetta and Roy Krenkel. This image is included in Pete's TwoMorrows' lampoon, COMIC BOOK NERD (still available at the TwoMorrows website).

Pete Von Sholly's blog can be accessed by going to the sidebar to your right and clicking on the link in the "LEGENDS OF BLOGGY CREEK" section.

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