Saturday, March 31, 2018


"How often can you dissect a brain?" -Zacherley

This article from the May 1959 issue of TV RADIO MIRROR begins with relating the recent success of the SHOCK THEATER horror films that had just begun the previous year to be shown to TV audiences across America. After that, it veers into social commentary and asks if there is too much violence on TV (ever hear of that one?). After author Charlotte Barclay gets that off her chest, she returns to reporting how monster movies are all the rage. The self-professed "Dick Clark of Transylvania", Zacherley, is interviewed and he offers some personal views, including his playing of "The Cool Ghoul" a result of him being "too weak-willed to go look for work." He was also worried early on with being able to come up with enough intermission shtick to last. Well, we know how that ended up!

Ending the piece is a discussion of TV networks that were ready to deluge audiences with "action" shows, which contained a healthy (or unhealthy, if you proffer) dose of violence. Barclay also speaks of the more "subtle" types of thrillers, such as ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS, where she offers up one of Hitch's well-known intros: "I'd like you all to join us for another half-hour of group therapy. I understand there is nothing like a nice juicy murder to help you work off your aggressions."

Read on, for a good example of the "You Are There" experience, during the dawn of the Monster Mania explosion!

Wednesday, March 28, 2018


Skywald Publications
Editor: Al Hewetson
Cover: Vicente Segrelles
Pages: 68
Cover price: 75 cents

Cover: Vicente Segrelles plus a gallery of covers for #3, 7, 11 & 13 (Oct. 1974)
“Dracula: The God Of The Dead” [Al Hewetson/Jose Martin Sauri]
“A Rottin’ Deal” [Bruce Jones] reprinted from Nightmare #3 (Apr. 1971)                 
“Let The Dreamer Beware” [Jerry Siegal/Ralph Reese] reprinted from Psycho #5 (Nov. 1971)
“Escape” [Dennis Fujitake] reprinted from Psycho #4 (Sept. 1971)
“Whence Stalked The Werewolf” [Len Brown/Carlos Garzon] reprinted from Nightmare #5 (Aug. 1971)
“Power Of The Pen!” [Doug Moench/Doug Wildey] reprinted from Psycho #5 (Nov. 1971)
“Hag Of The Blood Basket!” [Al Hewetson/Tom Sutton] reprinted from Nightmare #4 (June 1971)

Oddly, the NIGHTMARE 1974 YEARBOOK reprints stories from both NIGHTMARE, and its companion magazine, PSYCHO. It was published a year before Skywald folded. A good sample of stories here, with art by Bruce Jones, Ralph Reese, Doug Wildey and Tom Sutton.