Thursday, March 15, 2018


Vol. 1 No. 2
October 1988
Globe Communications Corp.
Editor: ?
Cover: John Severin
Pages: 48
Cover price: $1.49

As if you haven't noticed, I'm a big fan of monster humor. Those are all my gags that you see most weeks at "Frankie's Friday Funnies". I've also posted numerous, humor-based series like "Monday Morning Macabre" and "Gahan Wilson's Graveside Manner".

As a growing Monster Kid, among the MAD, CRACKED, and SICK magazines that I grabbed up off the newsstands every month, I also made sure I didn't miss the funny monsters mags like FOR MONSTERS ONLY and MONSTERS TO LAUGH WITH, too. And who can forget the classic -- and I do mean classic -- series of "You'll Die Laughing" trading cards by EC Comic's alumnus, Jack Davis?

Today's offering is from a time, 20 years later, when horror humor was still somewhat of a growl before it became more of a whimper. This issue recycles many strips that had been seen in earlier CRACKED mags, which was not an uncommon occurrence. The main reason I'm posting this is for the several bits featuring King Kong. Since I have been celebrating Kong's 85th anniversary, I thought it fitting. As usual, the sometimes not-so-funny gags are always elevated by the great artwork of John Severin, Bill "McCartney" Ward, Vic Martin and Howard Nostrand.

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