Saturday, March 3, 2018


Publisher: Countrywide Communications (Eerie Publications)
Writer: John Thomas Church
Designer: Carmine Fortunato
Cover: Unknown
Pages: 68
Cover price: $1.25

Titled simply, "Kong", this one-shot appeared on newsstands in 1976 to capitalize on the big-screen remake by Dino De Laurentiis and John Guillermin. Published by Countrywide Communications, an imprint of Myron Fass's Eerie Publications, it included material not only from the original KING KONG (1933), but coverage of the remake as well. Written by John Thomas Church, a prolific magazine article writer of the time, who contributed to other Fass magazines, such as SEA MONSTERS (see MMW post HERE),  TRUE SEX CRIMES, THE PRIVATE LIFE OF PATTY HEARST, THE WORLD OF JOHN LENNON AND THE BEATLES, and -- wait for it -- SWINE FLU! The text is sufficient, but by that time, nothing new or innovative on the subject.

The magazine was designed by Carmine Fortunato, who partnered with Church on all the magazines he wrote for. Neatly done layouts make the mag easy to read.

If there was one to comment on, the strength of "Kong" is in its trove of photos. That in itself could qualify it as a "Collector's Edition". But, like many of Fass' one-shots, "Kong" languishes like a number of other underwhelming titles in monster magazine obscurity. Here's "Kong" in all its faded glory!


Rip Jagger said...

Oh man! I remember (sort of) buying this one off a rack in a local grocery store. It was nifty as I'd seen very little of the classic original Kong at the time. That in-your-face cover was a seller, at least to me.

Thanks for the blast from the past.

Rip Off

John said...

And check out the blood on his teeth! Fass and Co. just couldn't pass up a chance for a little gore.


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