Saturday, January 16, 2021


Cloaked in the inky darkness of night, a huge a fearless monster, towering well above normal sized men, stalked through the graveyards seeking seeking out his unfortunate terrified victims. His was first created within the secret laboratory deep in the dungeons of Frankenstein Castle . . .

And so began my journey . . .

Staying at home has its rewards. After many years, I decided to dig into my monster model stash and spend some time assembling a kit.

I selected the Frankenstein 2009 re-issue by Revell for two reasons: one, it was the first issued by Aurora back in the glory days of monster modelling and, two, out of all the kits I built back then, I don't believe that I ever built this one. As I recall, outside of Aurora's Red Knight, the first in the Universal Monster series that I built was the Wolf Man, followed by The Mummy, which I worked on customizing for our local comic shop's contest . . . only to miss the entry date by a day! You can read more about those halcyon days of monster model making, as well as more recent kits HERE.

Frankenstein model kit box top.

Except for a spray coat of Tamiya gray primer, this model is all painted with a brush. I used mostly Badger's Freak Flex acrylics and a couple of Testor's enamels. The grass and moss on the base and the tombstone were accomplished using a thin spray of white glue and water and the application of Woodland Scenics for dioramas.

Since this was the first model kit that I built in many years, I spent a lot of hours on it, and experimented with a number of techniques that I had never tried before. From sprue to through, though, I had a lot of fun and look forward to the next one.

The instruction sheet:

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