Monday, June 3, 2013


Currently offered from Monsters In Motion, these things come around every once and awhile and always end up turning into collector's items. And, it's no wonder. Don Post Studios as we knew it is defunct. Grab one while ya' can.

"Based on Dr Gustav Niemann from "House Of Frankenstein" played by Boris Karloff in 1944.  This mask was originally released between 1964-1966, this mask appeared in "Famous Monsters Of Filmland " as part of the Don Post Calender masks collection, sought after by collectors around the world.  This mask here is an exact replica of the 1960's, released by permission of Universal Studios in 1996 for a one-time production run of 500 pieces worldwide.  Made of thick latex rubber, hand painted with realistic hair, a true collectors item for your house of horrors."

The price is $99.95 with a two-week special order wait period. 

"Originally offered in 1963 by Don Post Studios this mask was cast from the original movie prop and then re-sculpted by Don Posts artisans, this was offered in the mid 1990's for an edition of 500 pieces, each piece is made of rigid thick rubber and the bumps on the head were then flocked, one of our favorite masks, order while supplies remain in limited quantities. This is a special order only, please allow 2 weeks for delivery."

Retail price for the Mole People mask is $84.99.

"Based on "Abbott & Costello Meet Mr. Hyde", adapted by Bud Westmore & Jack Kevan's original movie sculpture molds, thus the most sought after by Post collectors.  This mask was re-released in 1996 by permission of Universal Studios for a one-time production run of 500 pieces.  Made of thick high quality latex and crep hair, hand painted and ready for display in your mad laboratory."

Retail price for the Mr. Hyde mask is $99.99.

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