Friday, June 7, 2013


Once in a while, something comes up at auction that's just too . . . well, weird for words -- but I'll give it a try, anyway. About ready to go on the block at is a set of six . . . female breasts. These are not just any breasts, though -- these are are vampire breasts!

Said to be cast for use as prosthetic appliances for the TRUE BLOOD television series, the 7-piece set comes complete with 6 pulled silicone breasts and the polyfoam positive life cast from "the donor". The breasts are stacked (pun partially intended) on the life cast to maintain their shape. There is no mention of a bra to support them in shipping, but the top one has been painted for production and is ready to wear (Norman Bates, where are you?). There is no information whether or not these were used on set, and more curiously . . . just exactly who were they from (Anna Paquin maybe?) and how would they be used?

The fetching breasts -- er, the breasts are expected to fetch from $300 - $400 at hammer time. 

Anna Paquin in TRUE BLOOD. Model for the "vampire breasts"?

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