Friday, June 14, 2013


MAD #94 (April 1965)

MAD MAGAZINE has been well known over the years for its parody and satire of current events and famous faces. Their twisted humor is nowhere more evident than on each issue's cover, where dorky mascot Alfred E. Neuman is usually seen in situations of extreme opposites.

One of their favorite recurring subjects over the years has been none other than that big lug of a gorilla, King Kong. Movie monsters have been fodder for folly for as long as they have been in existence it seems, and the King of Skull Island is certainly no exception. William Gaines, the genius behind MAD, loved the Kong character so much that he even had a giant image of his face affixed to his office window.

I've collected here several covers that have appeared over the years that show the seemingly never-ending humorous relationship between Alfred E. Neuman and King Kong. I have also included the parody strip, Ping Pong, from the EC Comic MAD #6 (1953).

MAD #112 (July 1967)

MAD #192 (July 1977)
MAD #459 (November 2005)

MAD #6 EC Comics (Aug/Sep 1953)

BONUS: Even Warren had his version of a Kong parody and it appeared in the most unlikely of places by the most surprising of artists -- EERIE #81 (1977) by Frank Frazetta!

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