Thursday, June 20, 2013


Who can forget the bug-eyed aliens of KILLERS FROM SPACE? Offered at auction is a (partially) screen-used prop rarity that is expected to take in up to $1,200. This would definitely be a good living room conversation piece, don't you think?

"A rare find for cult classic collectors! A whole generation of young filmgoers forever had nightmares after seeing the "Marty Feldman" bulging eyes sprouting from the aliens in the unforgettable 1954 sci-fi "Killers From Space" (directed by Billy Wilder's brother and starring Peter Graves!). These infamous eyes were created by legendary low-budget makeup artist Henry Thomas of the original "Little Shop Of Horrors" and "Plan 9 From Outer Space" fame. There were only a half dozen or so of these iconic eyes created and are extremely difficult to find. As an extra added bonus these hero screen used eyes are mounted on a specially crafted custom life-size head piece based on the Lead Alien, Deneb Tala. The amazing head includes his overly busy eyebrows, and monk-link hood and neck piece. A magnificent museum quality display from the movie mother's used to worn their children about (if you watch too much TV your eyes will budge out like the Killers From Space")! Each eye is approx. 2"x2". Realistic head display is foam rubber and is 12"x7"x11"."


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