Tuesday, June 11, 2013


The venerable Creature from the Black Lagoon has had more than his fair share of the limelight, and for good reason -- he's one of the most unique and original of the atom-age monsters. There's just something about the Gill Man that fans love, me included.

Making the rounds lately is the latest in a long line of rubber masks, this one from Forum Novelties, a wholesaler of, among other "novelties", Halloween costumes and accessories. From the pictures, the over-the-head mask is a beaut and a helluva lot nicer than the Rubie's Costume Co. version that came out a few years ago. The mask retails for $79.99. Now if they would just make a life-size Julie Adams figure . . .

 BONUS: Since this is a blog primarily about monster magazines, how about this article from the May 1954 MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED? It has made the rounds , but any Monsterologist worth his wolfbane wouldn't pass up the chance to read it one more time here at MONSTER MAGAZINE WORLD!

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