Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Presented here is a prototype of the IT'S ALIVE baby critter from the eponymous-titled movie. The approximately 8" high bundle of joy was a creation of makeup and special effects master, Rick Baker. At auction, it was expected to sell between $2,000 and $2,500.

Here is the auctioneer's description:
"It's Alive" (1974) still shocks almost 40 years later. The story of a sweet infant who turns out to be a monster who kills when it's scared scored huge at the box office. And it had some amazing talents, including a score by the legendary Bernard Hermann and the baby creature created by the equally legendary Rick Baker. This is a prototype exact replica of "the baby", created at Rick Baker's studios during production. Made of formed foam rubber and painstakingly painted it also includes its demonic Plexiglass eyes and killer teeth. In perfect condition, even after all these years. (Approx. 8"x7"x7")."

Rick Baker's talents were also showcased in an article written by Saul Kahan for FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND #105 (March 1974). In it, Baker was described as having Lon Chaney-quality skills and was destined to be the next "up-and-coming" makeup and special effects star. Well, they were right, weren't they?


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