Saturday, June 22, 2013


I wrote about famous makeup and special effects artist Rick Baker a few days ago here at MONSTER MAGAZINE WORLD. Another makeup man whose specialty was monster masks was a fellow by the name of Verne Langdon. Mr. Langdon was responsible for the FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND "Zombie Mask" that has become the stuff of legend.

Forry Ackerman included an article by Bud Philips (who writes very much in the style of FJA) on Langon in FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND #102 (October 1973). In it, he talked about Langon's fabulous career and his work on the Zombie Mask, that is actually a she-zombie originally named Creepy Suzette!

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Chris said...

That was a great read, I wouldn't mind having that zombie mask in my room haha, thanks for the upload!


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