Saturday, December 4, 2010


From a DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT press release:
"Dynamite is proud to unveil more B & W interior pages of Wagner Reis for Vampirella #1, as well two pages in color! Everyone at Dynamite has been working hard to ensure that Vampirella, one of most iconic female characters in comics, tops the sales charts while also reintroducing Vampirella to a new audience of readers!

Vampirella #1 is written by Eric Trautmann (Action Comics co-written with Greg Rucka), illustrated by Wagner Reis and will arrive at comic shops this November with amazing covers by Joe Madureira, Alex Ross, J. Scott Campbell, and Jelena Kevic-Djurdjevic!

Vampirella's back and is hot on the trail of her greatest nemesis, Vlad Dracula. It's a darker world for Vampirella, and something even more sinister than vampires lurks in the shadows, something that even Dracula fears!"

Pictured above is the J. Scott Campbell "Negative" variant cover. Below are the color page samples. You can see the black and white samples behind the "Read Comics" tab at the top of this blog. Support your local independent comics dealer by puchasing VAMPIRELLA at your neighborhood comics shop.

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