Thursday, December 9, 2010


Remember what I said about waiting too long for an issue, especially for a pro 'zine, and that it was a sure bet title killer? Well, CREEPY COMICS #3 was a six-month wait between issues. And what's up with the cover? It looks more suited for Gaines' MAD MAGAZINE rather than Warren's horror comic. But, this isn't a Warren book anymore and DARK HORSE seems to be "updating" the venerable title for a newer, hipper readership. For instance, I've noticed that most of the stories are the Stephen King, "go for the grossout" type story, which even King uses to excess. Is this what the newer, hipper readership wants? I'm an old(er) fart, so I guess I don't get it. But, I think I do and I don't care for it . . . unless it's done well.

Personally, I think there is too much of the modern psycho-horror in these stories. I'd like to see a little of the supernatural horror that the original CREEPY excelled in. Sure, there were cerebral, mind-bending tales as well, but there always seemed to be a balance between the gothic and the Grand Guignol . . . at least in the first half-hundred issues. Frankly, if this current incarnation reaches 25 issues, I'll be a'might surprised.

My favorite new story was "Pelted", written by Doug Moench and drawn by Angelo Torres. Fancy that. A runner up nod goes to "Maquiladora" which approaches the twisted territory that was the hallmark of CREEPY and EERIE (read the full story below). I also missed the art of Hillary Barta in the "Loathsome Lore" series. Her work so reminds me of the great Bill Ward. And, thank God the tiresome, three-part "The Curse" is finally done with. So, my overall take on this issue? Unfortunately, I think the body is still floating face down in the river. Let's hope the bloat hasn't set in when we take a look at the most current issue of CREEPY tomorrow.

Vol. 1 No. 3
May, 2010
48 ppg (color covers/B&W interior)
Cover Price: $4.95
Cover art: Chuck Pyle
Variant cover art: Nowhere in sight
Frontis: Gene Colan

"X-Change Part 1" (S) Dan Braun and Craig Haffner (A) Dennis Calero
"Pelted" (S) Doug Moench (A) Angelo Torres
"The Curse Part 3" (S) Joe Harris (A) Jason Shawn Alexander
"Maquiladora" (S) Cody Goodfellow/Kevin Ferrara (A) Kevin Ferrara
Loathsome Lore "Lycanthropy" (S) Braun, Gore and Haffner (A) Greg Scott
"The Disintegrator" (S) Nicola Cuti (A) Ken Barr (reprinted from CREEPY #40, July 1971 -- not referenced in this issue)

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