Wednesday, December 8, 2010


It seemed like forever, but DARK HORSE's CREEPY #2 finally came out a few months after the debut issue, complete with a letter from yours truly in the "Dear Uncle Creepy"  column. I waxed a bit apprehensive about the book's successful resurrection. Uncle Creepy's tone in response was a little like a full body wax job in return. Either that, or the puns didn't go over real well. I've even noticed that with a few other responses to letters. I don't know who's writing these but they don't always come off as amusing as Mr. Goodwin's. Stories in this issue range from a yawn to average. Even Joe Lansdale's tale doesn't excite.

Vol. 1 No. 2
November, 2009
48 ppg (color covers/B&W interior)
Cover Price: $4.95
Cover art: Eric Powell
Variant cover art: None -- yay!
Frontis: Rahsan Ekedal

"Human Nature" (S) Dan Braun (A) Greg Ruth
"Muscle Car" (S) Mike Baron (A) Nathan Fox
"Drawn Out" (S) Joe R. Lansdale (A) Rahsan Ekedal
"The Curse Part 2" (S) Dan Braun (A) Jason Shawn Alexander
Loathsome Lore "Torture" (S) Braun, Gore, Haffner (A) Angelo Torres
"The Shadow of the Axe" (S) Dave Sim (miss-credited as " Dave Sims" (A) Russ Heath (reprinted from Creepy #79, May 1976 -- not referenced in this issue)

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