Saturday, December 11, 2010


Big news for monster magazine fans! UNDYING MONSTERS was released at this year's CHILLER THEATRE show. Editor Dave Davey's homage to the vintage 60s monster magazine is crammed to the brim with amazing rare photos of movies, many that have not been previously seen before in any publication. The 68-page introductory issue is a limited edition, so get on over to the sidebar and click on the MONSTER MAGAZINE SPOTLIGHT image to order up your copy. More on this amazing new 'zine tomorrow right here at MONSTER MAGAZINE WORLD!


Mike Scott said...

I think the "never before seen photos" are just frame grabs, which is, at least, something different from the same old stills we've seen a thousand times.

John said...

If they are screen grabs, then they're the clearest I've ever seen, in which case I'd like to know the PhotoShop secret. I know Dave consulted with Jim Clatterbaugh of MONSTERS FROM THE VAULT. Maybe Jim passed along some of his reknown repro mojo!


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