Monday, December 20, 2010


Welcome to the newest blog roll feature at MONSTER MAGAZINE WORLD, the COLLECTOR'S WEB! Like our currently running feature EYE ON EBAY which spotlights monster mags and similar items found on eBay, I'm expanding the topic from collecting monster magazines to 'zines and related ephemera and memorabilia. I'll also provide some of the insights and knowledge that I've gained over the 40+ years that I've been reading this stuff, as well as the on-again, off-again 30+ years that I've been seriously collecting the same said stuff.

Today I'm sharing with you an amazing find . . . a monster-themed comic book still for sale on the stands selling at a collector's price! That's right Kerry Gammill's excellent new comic, BELA LUGOSI'S TALES FROM THE GRAVE #1 variant comic is selling for $11.50 on a website -- that's over TWICE the cover price! Granted, it's a "Cassidy Cover" variant and not as many have been published -- but it's not like they disappeared off the shelves. I'll spare the dealer's website identity and requisite rant, just 'cause I'm a nice guy.

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