Tuesday, December 21, 2010


The astute Monsterologist knows that there were ten issues each published of Charlton's MAD MONSTERS and HORROR MONSTERS. But did you know that there was an eleventh issue of MAD MONSTERS published? That's right. Okay, it's been a few years later, but Dennis Druktenis of SCARY MONSTERS produced a limited ashcan edition of MAD MONSTERS #11 and distributed it at the 2003 MONSTER BASH convention.

 The 5 1/2" x 8 1/2", 16-page, signed and numbered edition was limited to only 100 copies. Occasionally, one will show up on eBay (pictured above) and demand rare collector's prices as it becomes harder and harder to find for sale.

 I contacted Mr. Druktenis about this rare monster collectible and here's what he had to say:
"It was a fun ashcan I decided to put together for one of the MONSTER BASH conventions. Many were given away, some were sold for $1.00, then $6.00 but they started appearing on eBay probably a week or so after the convention and selling for $20 or $30. From what I recall each one was hand-numbered and signed and I own #1 of 100.

The cover recyled a portion of the cover of WEREWOLVES AND VAMPIRES which is kind of timely in that we recently reprinted WEREWOLVES AND VAMPIRES in our limited edition book/magazine format limited to 175 copies.

We've also recently begun and published an early 50th Anniversary celebration edition of both HORROR MONSTERS #1 and MAD MONSTERS #1. The CREEPY NEWS will break either Monday or Tuesday regarding our Limited Edition release of MAD MONSTERS PRESENTS MONSTERS #1 on the creepyclassics.com site which is at the printer right now and will ship in about a week."
Mr. Druktenis also added a few words about his other line of scary publications: "Charlton monster magazines, CASTLE OF FRANKENSTEIN, WORLD FAMOUS CREATURES, MONSTERS AND THINGS, MONSTER PARADE, JOURNAL OF FRANKENSTEIN, and even SHOCK! still live and are being published by Druktenis Publishing and SCARY MONSTERS magazine in 2010! Pre-code horror comics also relive in WEB OF SCARES and SCARY STRANGE TERRORS!"

Note the Steve Ditko art on MAD MONSTERS #1 and the Don Post Wolf Man mask and hands below on the British Special Edition. And watch for a vintage 'zine review of Charlton's original WEREWOLVES AND VAMPIRES tomorrow right here at MONTER MAGAZINE WORLD!


Mike said...

"Occasionally, one will show up on eBay (pictured above) and demand rare collector's prices "

I wish. That was my auction. I started it at 99 cents, thinking that collectors would jump on it like starving dogs.

No bids, so I raised the price to $9.99 for the last couple of days, and the auction ended without a bid.

There's also a #12, numbered (150) and signed. I have it, and am going to sell them together on ebay starting tomorrow night 1-9-11.


Mike said...

The bloom is really off the rose on this one. My auction for 11 & 12 ended at $5.55. Thanks for letting me weigh in on this.

John said...

Well, Mike, it just goes to show you that "uncommon", "scare", and "rare" don't always equate to "expensive". Better luck with future auctions!


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