Thursday, December 2, 2010


Perhaps an answer to filling the void created by Allan Bryce's dearly departed (and sorely missed) THE DARK SIDE, comes SCREAM a brand new (since October) print publication from those diehard monster 'zine fiends from across the Big Black Lagoon. Subtitled, "The Horror Magazine", SCREAM has just released it's second issue (pictured above). It's amazing to see a new monster print 'zine -- especially on the heels of another newly-birthed UK mag, SHOCK HORROR -- appear in these economically-troubled times. And to add a touch of the unbelievable to the mix, they've just printed up another 1,000 copies of issue #1 as the first printing of 10,000 was a sell out! I guess it just ghost to show you how dead-icated monster fans can be. You can visit their website and order up copies by clicking on the cover image found on the sidebar to the right of this blogroll. Let's wish them the beast of luck. Cheers . . . and fears, guys!

Here's the rundown on the contents of Issue #1 which officially went on sale October 7, 2010:

THE WOLFMAN On Screen Since 1941…
PIRAHNA 3D Scriptwriter Josh Stolberg Interview
HATCHET 2 Premier Report
JOE PILATO Day Of The Dead Interview
PLUS: The Human Centipede Interview, Jaws Remembered, FrightFest 2010 Report, Scream Queens, Umbrage Examined, Monster Pin-Up, Horror Music Explored, Books, Competitions, Industry News, Reviews, Blood, Guts, Gore & More!

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