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Vol. 1 No. 4
April 1969
Warren Publishing Company
Publisher: James Warren
Editor: Bill Parente
Cover: Vaughn Bode and Jeff Jones
Pages: 66
Cover price: 50 cents


"Vampi's Feary Tales" ("Burned at the Stake")
Script: Tom Sutton
Art: Tom Sutton

"Forgotten Kingdon"

Script: Bill Parente
Art: David StClair (misnamed "David Sinclair" in Grand Comic Database)

"Closer Than Sisters"

Script: Nicola Cuti
Art: Mike Royer

Script: Don Glut
Art: William Barry

"For the Love of Frankenstein"
Script: Bill Warren
Art: Jack Sparling

"Come Into My Parlor!"
Script: R. Michael Rosen
Art: Dick Piscopo

"Run For Your Wife"
Script: Ricard Carnell/Jack Erman
Art: Jack Sparling

A Frazetta-esque cavewoman riding on a dinosaur by Vaughn Bode and Jeff Jones is the cover painting for this issue. There was a "variant" issue with slight modifications on the cover. Tom Sutton provides the script and art for the continuing series of "Vampi's Feary Tales". The obscure artist David StClair does Ernie Colon-inspired illustrations in "Forgotton Kingdom". Jack Kirby's sometime inker Mike Royer demonstrates that his work on Vampi's origin story in VAMPIRELLA #1 isn't just a one-off. Jack Sparling contributes two stories and Dick Piscopo again shows his unique style.

The story, "Run For Your Wife" was written by Richard Carnell and adapted by "Jack Erman", a pseudonym for Forrest J Ackerman (J. Ackerman). Not listed in the contents is the first Vampi Fan Club page. As yet untitled, it includes a profile of artist Dick Piscopo and a fan illo by future pro, Alan Weiss.

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