Wednesday, December 19, 2018


Vol. 3 No. 4 (Whole #12)
Gothic Castle Publishing Company
Our Founder: Charles Foster Kane
Executive Editor and Publisher: Calvin T. Beck
Associate Publisher: Helen Beck
Editor: Bhob Stewart
Associate Editor: Chris Steinbrunner
European Editor: Mike Parry
Consulting Editor: William K. Everson
Cover: Photos: Raquel Welch and John Richardson from "One Million Years, B.C.", Leonard Nimoy as Mr. Spock; Spider-Man drawn by Steve Ditko
Pages: 68
Cover Price: 35 cents

Another melange from Calvin Beck, whose omnivorous interests included sci-fi TV shows and comics. There's more on STAR TREK here, as well as a short piece on THE AVENGERS, and an interview with Marvel's Stan Lee by sci-fi author Ted White. There are two comic strips, one by the fledgling Marv Wolfman and Len Wein and a "Smash" Gordon strip by Frank Brunner. The three-issue-long Christopher Lee interview concludes in this number and there is a farewell to actor Basil Rathbone, who died that year. Both Lin Carter and Dan Bates offer their (short) opinions on Carlos Clarens' AN ILLUSTRATED HISTORY OF THE HORROR FILM (my most prized gift that Christmas!) and the usual news and reviews run to a number of pages. A bit of a bewildering panoply of pop culture, but still a good read!

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