Saturday, December 15, 2018


Okay, I'll admit it; there's a few actresses for which I use the term "scream queen" that are way out on the fringe, mainly because the film (or films) they appeared in are only on the edge of horror/sci-fi or fantasy. Raquel Welch would be one -- her role in ONE MILLION YEARS, B.C. is far from a horror film, but it was produced by Hammer and, well, you know it's a stretch, but I'm not gonna give up a chance to shine the spotlight on Raquel!

Same goes for buxom bombshell June Wilkinson. Her claim to cinema fame was the 1960 voodoo "horror" film, MACUMBA LOVE. To be fair, she also played a part as the humorously-named "Randy" in the horror farce FRANKENSTEIN'S GREAT AUNT TILLIE, the titular character who by the way was played by ex-Hammer glamour gal, Yvonne Furneaux.

Appearing "fully-formed" (as it were) from across the pond, much more notable than her film career were Wilkinson's incredible physical attributes: her 5' 6" frame was fully-loaded with an almost physically-impossible 42-23-37 figure that rivaled the two top blondes of the time, Jayne Mansfield and Mamie Van Doren. Wilkinson only came in third because of her crappy filmography.

Before she was loving Macumba-style, Miss Wilkinson was seen quite regularly (for obvious reasons) in various men's magazines. Shown here is her appearance in MERMAID (Vol. 1 No. 9, 1959), a lesser-known men's mag that had a run of a handful of issues. The accompanying text for this pictorial claims that June created the "dance" was photographed for the spread exclusively for the magazine. I'm wondering just how many readers stopped to read it!

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