Wednesday, July 24, 2013


A postcard of London during Vincent Price's 1928 visit.

Through the use of the blog format, Mr. Peter Fuller is sequentially reprinting the authentic travel diary and postcards from actor Vincent Price to create a very unique travelogue. The end result is as if Mr. Price is writing his own blog.

In 1928, when Price was 17 years old, he set out on his first voyage to Europe. He wrote about his adventures every day in his diary, entitled My Journey Abroad. Purchased from Price's estate in 2007. Fuller realized the treasure he had in his possession and felt compelled to share it with fans all over the world. Presenting it in a blog format is a bit of genius, as the "journal style" of blogging is a perfect fit for the material.

"My First Trip Abroad | Vincent Price" has the full endorsement of Victoria Price, Vincent Price's daughter. It is well worth a look and can be viewed HERE.

A sample of Vincent Price's travel journal, My Journey Abroad.

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