Friday, July 19, 2013


The next film that Lon Chaney appeared in in after PHANTOM OF THE OPERA is today considered lost. With the exotic, but impractical working title of The Emperor of Portugallia, it was released as THE TOWER OF LIES, just a month after PHANTOM and ended a banner year of film-making for Chaney. Other movies he was in that year (1925) included THE MONSTER and THE UNHOLY THREE.

Showing up this week in an auction catalog is a mimeographed "Vault Copy" of the  88-page script from the MGM-produced THE TOWER OF LIES, written by Agnes G. Johnson. The 9" x 11" document is expected to sell for at least $1,600. The film also starred Norma Shearer and William Haines, who went on to become an interior designer.

One wonders if there are enough production stills available to piece together a recreation of the film like was done for LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT. Calling Philip J. Riley!

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