Monday, July 15, 2013


It is always interesting and often amazing to see what turns up for sale in the Hollywood memorabilia market. Two perfect examples are shown here today; passports issued to Lon Chaney, Jr. and Vincent Price.

The Lon Chaney, Jr. passport was issued December 20, 1963. There is a stamp affixed for London, which coincides chronologically with his filming job he had in the U.K. for Lippert Films' WITCHCRAFT. Chaney was 57 years old at the time he received this passport.

Vincent Price's passport is from August 29, 1983. It shows stamps for travel to Australia, Asia and Europe, all destinations where he may have vacationed, filmed, or collected art. Price was 72 years old at the time he was issued this passport.

 Both items are expected to auction for up to $1,200.

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