Friday, July 26, 2013


Not your average bear for obvious reasons.

MONSTERS CAN TURN UP IN the least likely of places. They can also turn up in the least likely of magazines, too.

Take a now-obscure side project of PENTHOUSE magazine mogul Bob Guccione, for instance. Long-dead VIVA: The International Magazine for Women, premiered in 1973 and saw its last issue published in 1980. Marketed for "adult women", it focused on female's fantasies and other groovy and sexy topics that came gushing out of the publishing world's coke-addled brains (and noses) when the 70s were full of swingers . . . er, full swing.

But here's where the monsters come in. The August 1977 issue included a pictorial travelogue of sorts that covered the -- at the time -- almost-released AIP-produced, MGM-distributed THE ISLAND OF DR. MOREAU. This, the second of 3 film versions (so far) from H.G. Wells' classic novel, was cast heavy with stars such as Michael York, Nigel Davenport and Richard Basehart. Burt Lancaster played Dr. Moreau (a tidge better than the gawd-awful Brando version -- but both not even close to the Charles Laughton portrayal).

(Pictured above left: There oughta be a law! Some lucky Humanimal(TM) has the pleasure of posing in an intimate embrace with the cook-an-egg-on-the-sidwalk hot Barbara Carrera.)

The movie's not too bad, but despite all the publicity and hype it fairly flopped at the box office (it cost $6,000,000 to make), mostly, I think, because of a lousy script. It wasn't because of the high-quality special makeup effects designed and created by Messrs. John Chambers and Tom Burman, either. And it definitely wasn't because of the onscreen prescence of the scorching hot Nicaraguan beauty, Barbara Carrera, in a role made especially for her in only her fourth film.

The article was written and photographed for obvious publicity reasons. The location was not on Dr. Moreau's island, however. Davis Bay on St. Croix, Virgin Islands is still pretty remote and exotic, though. While the monsters are impressive, I'd have to say that Miss Carrera steals the show, however.

In a move that was one part pride of ownership, one-part corporate exclusivity, and a dash of Hollywood ego, Dr. Moreau's creatures, known as "manimals" to us Monster Kids raised on Forry's formula bottle filled with FAMOUS MONSTERS, the appliance-laden actors were trademarked with the term, Humanimals(TM)!

BONUS! Included here are a trio of test shots from the development phase of "Humanimals(TM)" Michael York (color shot) and Sayer of the Law Richard Basehart (B&W shots). They were up for bid at a recent iCollector online auction.

EXTRA SPECIAL BONUS! The MONSTER MAGAZINE WORLD "Horror Hotties" page is now officially open. All red-blooded males and other hearty sorts are welcome to view it HERE. However, if you are even remotely offended by gratuitous images of Scream Queens sans their costumes, then DO NOT click on the link and you'll stay right here.

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