Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I showed you the Creature bank a couple of days ago. Now, due out in October is the first in the series of Universal Monsters coin banks, the Frankenstein Monster.

When they say "series", I hope they mean more than just these two.

Here's the skinny from Diamond:

"Spinning out of DST's successful line of Star Wars bust banks comes the all-new Universal Monsters series! The most famous monster of all, Frankenstein, will kick off this new line of 8-inch vinyl banks, which features highly detailed sculpts and paint. From the front it just looks like a high-quality bust, but turn it around and there's a slot to keep your change in! Nobody will want to raid your savings when they're safe inside this resurrected giant!"

While the Creature likeness is spot on, the Frankenstein bust has but a passing resemblance to Boris Karloff -- which takes me to my deep thought of the day (well, at least I hope I don't have to go any deeper than this) -- if the Creature from the Black Lagoon were real, would he license his likeness for toys, models, and other stuff? And what would the unlicensed likeness look like? We've probably seen some already that were unintentional, don't you agree?

Despite what you might think, I'm sleeping just fine these days. . .

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