Wednesday, March 28, 2012


"I am not a horror actor and I wouldn't want to be compared with a Lugosi or Christopher Lee."  Jonathan Frid, Horror Actor

There was no shortage of coverage for the DARK SHADOWS (1966 - 1971) franchise in FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND. Numerous issues covered material from the daytime drama series (okay, it was a soap opera already!) as well as the two feature films, HOUSE OF DARK SHADOWS and NIGHT OF DARK SHADOWS.

FAMOUS MONSTERS #59 (November 1969) featured not only a nice Basil Gogos depiction of Barnabas Collins on the front cover and a photo of Barnabas as the aging vampire on the inside front cover, there was also an article with Jonathan Frid chatting about his role in both DARK SHADOWS as well as his other film and stage work. Frid was the show's leading celebrity (although I have no problem admiting that first Alexandra Moltke, then Lara Parker had my eye more than Frid whenever they were onscreen!) and he did not seem to shy away from any opportunity to promote the show, especially emphasizing his acting career B.B. (Before Barnabas). Why is it that fine actors, when they finally hit the gravy train in the lucrative horror biz, that they almost seem apologetic? While Frid seemed to enjoy playing a vampire, he still made it a point to let everybody know that he was also a serious Shakespearean actor, almost like he was saying, "Okay, you guys, see how popular I am? Can I come back now and play some real roles?" It's not like the Great Acting Muse twists anybody's arm to sign on in a horror show or film. I have my suspicions that it probably has more to do with the Great Almighty Greenback.

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