Monday, March 19, 2012


It seems no tombstone was left unturned in the marketing of the TV hit series, DARK SHADOWS. While not as uncommon as one might think, a cookbook -- that's right, cookbook -- based on the show was published by Ace Books in 1970. The recipies were assembled by Jody Cameron Malis and were basic concotions found simmering on the stovetop or spinning in any Waring blender in any American household at the time. The only difference was that these recipies had goofy titles slapped on, like "David's Demoniacal Pancakes and Waffles," "Barnabas' Bloody Mary and Other Beastly Beverages," "Quentin's Ghoulish Goulash and Karate (!) Chops", and "Carolyn's Fiendish Fish".

The novelty book has become something of a collector's item these days, with prices reaching as high as $140. One could make a pretty good-sized salad with lettuce like that.

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