Sunday, March 4, 2012


During one of my recent web peregrinations, I stumbled upon something that still has me alternately laughing and gasping for breath in shock. Unless I'm missing something HUGE here, I came across a third-party seller's listing on the Barnes & Noble site that was not only audacious but perplexing in its gargantuan pomposity. But, here it is, for all to see nonetheless -- an item that gives new meaning to the title, "Addams Family Values".

Golly, a mini-wall calendar that's going for over a thousand bucks? Maybe it's got an original Chas Addams sketch in it? Maybe it's just the mother of all misprints? And, how can something be listed as in "Good" condition when it's "like new" in its original shrink wrap? Criminy, ya got me!

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