Monday, March 26, 2012


Rating very high on my personal excitement meter is the upcoming CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON plastic model kit from MOEBIUS. The two-figure kit (Creature and Kay Lawrence) is sculpted by the talented Adam Dougherty. He also worked on the Bela "Broadway Dracula" Lugosi kit on sale now.

Ain't this one a beaut, fellow monster modelers?

The Creature kit is planned to come with two sets of arms -- one set to carry Julie or the other for a solo, menacing pose.

Excellent bust -- and the Creature figure's very nice, too!

If you build model kits, I strongly suggest you advance order your Creature kit from Steve over at CULT TVman. Steve's a really nice guy and he's way into monster models, so I highly recommend you get your monster stuff from him!

Also at CULT TVman is the exclusive "Ghostly Green" Munsters House model kit coming soon. The regular kit will be the usual drab color, but Steve's will be cast in "ghostly" green. I love it! More info is HERE.

Here is a description of the kit:

"The GHOSTLY GREEN limited edition is a CultTVman Exclusive in the US. This is molded in clear transparent green, much like the old Luminators. (This is NOT a glow kit!) This will be available at the same time as the standard kit, for the same price, but there will be a limited number produced and you can only purchase this in the US from CultTVman! All new styrene plastic kit of 1313 Mockingbird Lane from Moebius Modes. This new kit is in scale with the Aurora Addams Family House and the Polar Lights Psycho House. Approximately 1:87 HO Scale. Kit will be the house only. You'll have to add the trees and stone fence yourself. Kit is expected in stock in mid-2012 Image shows actual studio set. This is not the actual model or box art."

Note: Pictures of the Creature kit prototype are copyrighted by Steve Iverson and are used with his permission. Got it?

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