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What do you get when you mix one part Corman production remake, one part nasty, hungry critters, and one part vicarious Girls Gone Wild video? PIRANHA 3D, of course! And the party's still rocking as the film nears $100 million in combined box office and DVD sales.

Since we last mentioned that PIRANHA had received RUE MORGUE magazine's top honors for "Best Guilty Pleasure" and "Goriest Scene" among horror films of 2010, HORRORHOUND mag has also given the nod by awarding it "Best Movie (Sequel/Remake)" and "Best Gore Scene" in their Best of 2010 Voting Results.

HORRORHOUND voted PIRANHA in two of it's "Best Of" categories for 2010.

The original PIRANHA was covered in RUE MORGUE #103

And it's no small wonder that it received the highest gore scores. PIRANHA has become legendary for it's reputed use of 7,500 gallons of blood that was dumped into Lake Paradise. And that's not including the mulitude of ripped up and chewed body parts!

Also noteworthy is Director Alexandre Aja's skillful use of the beach babe motif (after all, what beach monster movie is worth a darn without 'em?), evidenced by such sun-drenched lovelies as Kelly Brook (Danni), Riley Steele (Christy), and Jessica Szohr (Kelly). And let's not forget mature minxes Dina Meyer and Elizabeth Shue, who still ain't lookin' so bad, either. One of the most talked about scenes on the street is the underwater sequence with Kelly Brook and Riley Steele. They also stir up the margueritas with a hot little dance number.

Kelly Brook. One mermaid you'd be nuts to throw back in.

A rare shot in the movie of Kelly Brook fully clothed. Well, almost.

Babes born to dance. The shameless sequence from the film.

PIRANHA 3D has done so well and created such a media buzz, especially in our favorite monster mags as well as the 'Net, that a sequel is planned for release this fall. The title? PIRANHA 3DD. Clever, boys!


The . . . end of the party?

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