Friday, April 8, 2011


Are monster mail order catalogues a thing of the past? Have they gone the way of the Shock Monster mask and the Castle Home Movie? Well, not quite. There's still a few people out there who know that not everybody has a home computer and that a few people still like to order their stuff the old fashioned way -- out of a printed catalogue. I have to admit I prefer shopping by this method myself even though I've gotten used to the vertigo-inducing page scrolling necessary on some websites to scan their oftentimes poorly indexed inventory.

Two examples of merchants still offering printed mail order catalogues are Gary Svehla's MIDNIGHT MARQUEE PRESS and Thomas Weisser's ASIAN CULT CINEMA. These catalogues came automatically with my shipment the last time I ordered from them. I'm sure that if you asked nicely, they'd send you one, too. Contact info is on the sidebar of this blog roll, hot shot!

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