Friday, April 1, 2011


Abernathy Farquad (or was it Farquad Abernathy?), that swell editor of Charlton's MAD MONSTERS (Zanzar Quasitoad had the helm of the other title) was no slouch when it came to capitalizing on the monster craze by peddling, among other novelties, monsters masks as a sideline.

Monster magazines were a great excuse to be able to celebrate Halloween 365 days of the year, so what better way to celebrate than buy a mask? And what better mask to buy than a Topstone? Well, Don Post and Verne Langdon fans would argue that those two guys had the better product. I wouldn't argue with that. How about, a better inexpensive mask to buy than a Topstone? How's that? In MAD MONSTERS #6, you had your pick from quite a selection. The illustrated images look straight from the Topstone mask catalogue.

With names like "Spasm", "Kazimoto" (a Japanese version of The Hunchback maybe?), and "Battered Pug" (yuck, hope that's not a menu item at IHOP!) how could a Monster Kid go wrong? I'm telling you, it's times like this when I stop and realize that it's more than partly because of stuff like this that I love monster mags so much!


prof. grewbeard said...

that's weird, i just noticed the Shock Monster is missing!

John said...

Professor, the Shock Monster is pictured on the first scan under the Frankenstein Mask ad. He's called "Horror" in the "Horrible Full Head Masks With Hair" ad.


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