Monday, September 20, 2010

GLENN STRANGE - IN MEMORIAM (AUG 16, 1899 - SEP 20, 1973)

From THE MONSTER TIMES #29, December 1973


Mike Scott said...

Great Glenn Strange poster! Also in that issue was a "House of Frankenstein" filmbook.

kochillt said...

I have the earlier issue with Karloff's Monster on the cover, featuring The Total Frankenstein. One article gathered together all the known Frankenstein films in one place, even EL TESTAMENTO DEL FRANKENSTEIN, and the first mention of the 1972 Jess Franco title with Dennis Price. The highlight of the issue for me was "A Strange Interview," in which Glenn Strange talked about his Monster days, and how grateful he was that Karloff himself coached him on playing the part in HOUSE OF FRANKESTEIN, which he didn't have to do (also, that they had first worked together in 1931's THE GUILTY GENERATION). He never failed to give praise to the people he worked with, very much like the "Gentle Monster" himself, Boris Karloff. He was still doing GUNSMOKE at the time, a regular since his last movie role in 1959. The only complaint one can make about his Monster is he never had much of a chance, he was certainly am imposing figure in full costume.


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