Thursday, September 30, 2010


In light of the economy and a host of other social and economic concerns of late, it's nice to see that monster 'zines continue to be produced. That these 'zines are brick 'n mortar, printed paper, hold-in-your-hand 'zines makes it all the more gratifying to know that this industry isn't gasping quite as badly for life as some others. I heard lately that attendance at the movies is at its lowest point ever, but I'd bet dollars to donuts that the horror film industry is doing pretty much just fine.

Since the title of this blog is MONSTER MAGAZINE WORLD, it stands to reason that one would see magazines from locales other than the U.S. and Canada. Consequently, submitted for your perusal is a brand-new monster 'zine, SHOCK HORROR, heralding from across the Big Black Lagoon. It's being produced by a gang of upstart genre lovers who seem be be doing all this for the love. And, that I believe, is the secret behind Door #1 -- the pure love and enthusiam for this genre makes it self-perpetuating.

Here are some words from The SHOCK HORROR Team off their website:

"Shock Horror Magazine is an independent UK based Horror Magazine, made by fans for fans!

We aim to cover all aspects of Horror entertainment and culture, from DVD and comics to music and games.

Shock Horror will also be bringing you the best Horror tatts from the UK's scariest tattoo studio as well as the best scream queens and models in the industry.

We aim to put Horror back on the map in the UK with this bi-monthly publication, sure it's underground and trashy but that's just the way we like it!"

MONSTER MAGAZINE WORLD wishes SHOCK HORROR the best of luck with their new publishing venture. Interested readers can purchase reasonably-priced copies of SHOCK HORROR by following the link on the sidebar of this blog.

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