Wednesday, September 15, 2010


No. 75
Editor: "The Phantom of the Movies" (a.k.a. Joe Kane)
Publication Date: Summer (July - September) 2010
Publisher: PhanMedia, LLC
Color covers/Black and White interior
60 ppg. (including covers)
Cover price: $5.95 U.S.
Subscriptions: $24 for 6 quarterly issues (U.S. rates)
Lots of monster mags include DVD reviews between their covers these days. For instance, MIDNIGHT MARQUEE devotes a good share of its space to them. But, do you still hunger for more? Do you need a DVD-version of the full-meal-deal? How about a magazine that devotes nearly its entire issue -- every issue -- to DVD reviews? Then, look no further than THE PHANTOM OF THE MOVIES' VIDEOSCOPE, fellow cinemaphiles.

The latest issue, #75, is a "Special Cult Classics Edition", and includes some choice articles to go along with the 80-plus new genre DVD reviews. There's info on ROCK 'N ROLL HIGH SCHOOL, DARK NIGHT OF THE SCARECROW, THE NAVY VS. THE NIGHT MONSTERS, and coverage of everybody's favorite Friday night film fare, THAT'S BLAXPLOITATION!

The rest of the magazine is crammed full of, well . . . DVD reviews. Categories include Animation Nation, They Came From the Basement, Asian Invasion, Art-House Video, and Drive-In Dementia -- in other words, something for every film taste. If you are looking for a single source reference for the latest in the kind of DVD releases that a monster mag lover craves, then The Phantom's VIDEOSCOPE is the 'zine for you.

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Scare Sarah said...

It's always interesting to see what's in US horror mags. I might check this one out.


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